[Tweeters] Modest proposal: Re, WOS conference registration

Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
Mon Apr 15 13:22:41 PDT 2013

I didn't say they deserved it more than others. I was only pointing out that
those who filled up the trips were also up at midnight along with everyone
else and had an equal place at the table. They were among the original 90+
that sent concerned messages, not some people who snuck in later and
unfairly took everyone's spots - as one person implied. Because some people
gave up, should everyone else have refrained from trying from that point on?
This is my first chance to go birding in that area, and I was really looking
forward to it. I was on at 12:01 and was one of the first to report a
problem. I was also the first to alert Tweeters when the system came online
again. I don't want to be the target of others' disappointment just because
I kept at it, since I was trying to help everyone get registered. This is my
first WOS conference and I did not realize all the trips would be gone by

I agree that if it is known in advance that there will be much greater
demand than there is space, a lottery system with multiple preferences
indicated might generate less friction. I have to feel as though there would
be just as much disappointment if some of those who were on at 12:01 still
did not get their trips - as seems would have been the case. Not to mention
those that for various reasons could not be online at that time of night.

I don't know how this could be done other than by hand, though, which seems
as though it would be very time-intensive. Effort might be better spent on
figuring out ways to increase the capacity so more can participate.

Teresa Michelsen
Olympia, WA

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I did not even attempt to register for this year's conference, in part
because I felt that last year's system was cumbersome and flawed. Reading
these comments, I was somewhat surprised to see a suggestion that those who
"stuck with it" at midnight somehow deserved finally getting to fill up many
of the trips. Suggestion: Allow everyone to register anytime before a set
date, with first, second, third, and fourth choices. Could be done online if
you so desire, but otherwise similar to the "old" system. After that date
use impartial lotteries to fill the trips, putting people in each lottery in
order of their preferences. No rush, and everyone is in the same boat, so
everyone feels its the luck of the draw.

Jerry Broadus
Puyallup, WA
Volunteering at P Ranch for Malheur
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