[Tweeters] WOS - good experience

Teri Martine terimartine at me.com
Mon Apr 15 13:15:48 PDT 2013

I read Tweeters in digest mode so am often not up on latest comments. I do understand frustration at not being able to register for the WOS conference at the advertised "open" time. I also stayed up to register and tried several times with no success, so then used link on the conference webpage to send email to WOS about being unable to register, and went to bed. When the smart phone on my bedstand "dinged" to signal a new email, I woke up, saw email response that site was now working, registered for conference, and went back to sleep. I know that, despite best efforts and careful planning, things don't always go as intended. To all the volunteers who make these conferences happen -- thank you! You're providing a great service to the birding community.
Teri Martine

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