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Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
Mon Apr 15 08:56:50 PDT 2013

I’m going to say out loud what I said to Treesa privately –

Please give the WOS organizers a break on this. I am responsible for organizing another conference each year and we recently moved to online registration systems. They are incredibly helpful but very tricky to program, and not all of them work perfectly. Every year we’ve had a few snafus like this, though I think it is safe to say that the consequences aren’t as much of an issue. Setting the time of something is especially difficult, for reasons that aren’t always intuitively obvious. For example, the fact that she got it running by changing the deadline to the day before suggests that the provider had something set wrong on their server. These systems are fairly new and not all the kinks have been worked out of them.

I can say as a conference organizer that once you do get the details ironed out, they are more than helpful to the volunteer organization running the show as well as the participants and save massive amounts of time. So it is not a good idea to give up on it because of one problem.

The field trips all being full already suggests more that there is far more interest than there is capacity, which is not the fault of the system or the programmer. All those who did register and fill up those trips were obviously also up at midnight, and stayed up as long as it took. So if it had worked right, there clearly would have been a mad rush of some sort and a number of people (who were all up at midnight) would have still been disappointed. So maybe, more thought needs to be given to the number of available spots, because to have them all fill up in the first few hours seems problematic no matter what system you’re using.

Teresa Michelsen

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Well this is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Dozens of us were poised, ready, at midnight, and couldn’t register. I stayed up until 12:30 a.m., refreshing my browser and sending out emails to the WOS Board, trying to get some real information.

I finally went to bed.

Now, getting up in the morning, virtually all of the Friday and Saturday trips are full, since some IDIOT decided to fix the problem at 1:00 a.m., completely screwing over all those of us who stayed up late.

To say I’m irate is an understatement.

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We apologize for WOS conference registration not opening at 12:01 AM, as advertised. The software was set up to open at 12:01 AM April 15, but it did not. After being alerted by 94 messages in 15 minutes, WOS officers awakened me; I changed the opening date to April 14 and for some reason, it began to work. Isn't today April 15? We are truly sorry about the first 20 minutes of nonfunctioning software, but we had no idea this would happen. It is working now.

Treesa Hertzel
WOS Webmaster


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