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FriendsOfEideRoad.org is a collaborative effort to promote a change in the use of the WDFW site they know as the Leque Island Unit and which is commonly know as Eide Road. We are birders, photographers, conservationists, wildlife watchers, and artists -- joined by a common passion and concern for birds, wildlife and wild habitats.

We are proposing repurposing the WDFW to non-hunting for three primary reasons:

1. Having hunters and other visitors present in quantity at the same time, in the same area, is an accident waiting to happen.

2. The growing base of non-lethal visitors are seriously under-represented in the WDFW land use decision making process. There are many more birders and photographers visiting the Eide Road site than hunters.

3. This site is unique for birding because it is flat, easily accessible, and most important: a large variety of bird species love it.

A plan for the restoration and future use of the Eide Road site is under study will be authorized this spring by WDFW.

A groundwater study for the Leque Island property has been completed (April 2013). This report is being reviewed by the EPA. Options for the use of the property will be announced and a web-based form page will be made available for public comments and suggestions. This process is scheduled to begin sometime in the spring, 2013. Once the comment process is available, everyone who wants this proposal to be considered should present a comment affirming their support to the WDFW.

The decision about how the land is used is totally up to the WDFW. They can allow or prohibit hunting, decide what areas are open or closed, and decide on what features to add to the restoration. If you would like to see viewing platforms for birding, improved walkways, loop trails, or any other non-hunting improvement for the property, you must let WDFW know.

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