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It was a wet, windy morning on Wednesday when 25 of us started the weekly walk at 8:00. The last 9 of us finished at 10:30, soaking wet. Normally the early crowd finished about noon and the group that completes the estuary boardwalk doesn't finish until 2:00 pm or later. We also had a 3.5 low tide at 12:15. In spite of the weather we had a pretty good day with a couple new for the year species.

Highlights included the first of the year CINNAMON TEAL and ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS. We also located the GREAT HORNED OWL family along the Nisqually side looking a bit forlorn.

The CINNAMON TEAL was in the pond across from the parking lot along with MALLARDS, NORTHERN SHOVELERS, NORTHERN PINTAIL, AMERICAN WIGEON, and GREEN-WINGED TEAL. Waterfowl numbers are down and everything is pairing up and getting territorial. Even the ducks were seeking shelter from the wind.

At the twin barns we had CLIFF, TREE, BARN, and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS. we added a couple of NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS at the Nisqually River overlook in among TREE and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS.

The GREAT HORNED OWL family, both adults and the two juveniles were in the alder thicket inside the boardwalk along the Nisqually River side. The adults were next to the tree trunks and the juveniles were a bit more exposed to the weather. None looked too happy.

The only shorebirds seen were a couple of GREATER YELLOWLEGS and the PEREGRINE FALCON in a snag out in the reclamation area did not appear to be actively hunting. Hopefully shorebirds will start to show up this coming week.

For the day I had 39 species and am now up to 96 for the year.

Until next week....

Phil Kelley
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