[Tweeters] RE: Sage Grouse Display and Blind at Leahy Lek

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Thu Apr 11 07:51:44 PDT 2013

I don't know specifically about this location, but there certainly are
many other locations of various types of grouse where blinds are

This link is to a US site, there are others on private lands. Given
that the site noted talks about moving the blinds each year, I would
imagine they only move them during the "off-season", it would not seem
to me that the blinds, per se, would be the issue. Now, I could see
problems if this blind was put up after the season started, especially
if done when birds were present.

Quoting khanh tran <khanhbatran at hotmail.com>:

> Ruth:


> Thanks for your report.


> Last week, I made an inquiry to Dr. Schroeder about the blind near

> the Leahy Lek. I, too, was suspicious about it when it was first

> reported several weeks ago. Dr. Schroeder mentioned 'they' are not

> suppose to have a blind out there, and the result is that the birds

> may respond to the disturbance by moving.


> He forwarded my written concern to the other biologists near that

> area. Hopefully, the issue will be addressed and clarified soon.


> Thanks,


> Khanh Tran


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