[Tweeters] Passenger Pigeon coming back?

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Wed Apr 10 17:47:26 PDT 2013

Hi Michelle rabble-rouser,

I've inserted some responses behind your questions in purple.

Larry Schwitters
On Apr 10, 2013, at 11:24 AM, Michelle Landis wrote:

> I hate to be a rabble-rouser, but I had a couple of questions while

> watching the Ted video. Passenger Pigeons existed in the millions

> perhaps the most numerous vertebrate in the history of the earth.

> before we did what humans do. The specific cause was market

> hunting. Same deal with the American Bison. In both cases our

> species felt the motivation to shoot every last one of them. If we

> brought them back, do we have the ecosystem for them to thrive in

> now? Their closest living relative is the Band-tailed Pigeon, which

> would be holding its own if we stopped shooting them. What do they

> eat? They don't eat anything. They just lie around in museum

> collection drawers. If it's seeds and grass, are they going to be

> spreading genetically-modified grains all over the country? Are

> they going to be low-level carriers of pesticides/herbicides? Are

> we going to use them for food for humans (again)? If we do...will

> we then be the top-of-the-food-chain consumers of the toxins they

> have eaten? Will we suddenly have a plague of pigeons the likes of

> which Madagascar is undergoing with locusts right now? Let us not

> forget that birds can be an important natural population control on

> insects. You need to talk to some Mormons about locusts and gulls.

> I'm sure people are thinking of these things, but I didn't hear it

> addressed in the talk. I would suggest that most people who are

> thinking of those things are the ones who hold the view that the

> earth is here for the benefit of our species. None of them crossed

> my mine. Of course, I was at work while listening to this, which

> means I'm chasing around eight puppies and it's entirely possible

> (highly probable) I missed something.


> Michelle Landis

> Lynden, WA

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