[Tweeters] Druid's Glen golfing....and birding

amy schillinger schillingera at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 9 20:10:59 PDT 2013

My husband and I played a round of golf at Druid's Glen in Covington today under favorable skies and little to no wind. I didn't get any birdies myself but saw and heard plenty. In addition to all of the usual suspects my FOY Savannah Sparrows were singing at the 10th tee and FOY Evening Grosbeaks were at the 11th tee. A Hutton's Vireo sang at the 15th. Tree Swallows were on every snag and singing Brown Creepers and Purple Finches were abundant. California Quail 'Chigaco'd' periodically throughout the day and five woodpeckers species and Hooded Merganser's were a treat as well. A Mourning Dove flew by at the 17th hole. It was hard to pay attention to all the birds because the game must go on but 42 species for not really trying ain't bad.
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