[Tweeters] Montesano photos 4/9, swans, loon, scrub jay

jcdragoo at comcast.net jcdragoo at comcast.net
Tue Apr 9 15:41:40 PDT 2013

I'm a very amateur new birder and an even more amateur photographer, but here goes.  We went for a drive today in the Montesano area around the Brady-Loop Rd. and the Keys Rd. Loop.  Also walked around Friends Landing where we saw a common loon.  On the Brady drive were the swans and scrub jays (3) and on Keys the shore birds (not sure what they all are--a yellow legs and ??).


I had a question on pine siskins too if anyone cares to respond.  We had a flock at our feeders that were virtually wiped out by whatever disease was killing them a few months ago.  However, about  a dozen siskins have been showing up lately.  Is the die-off still a problem?  It was a sad episode--dead birds in the yard every day.  I'm hoping it has abated.







Judy Dragoo

Montesano, WA


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