[Tweeters] Birding Reality Show vs the recent TED lecture on de-extinction and Passenger Pigeons

Bud Anderson falconresearch at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 12:41:26 PDT 2013

Actually, for me, the reality of birders has been a group of really
curious, dedicated, mostly friendly and well-educated people who are
actively involved in the world.

Sorry to see these TV people looking for the lowest common denominator to
represent our field.

But I think it is clear to most people that television degenerated into
this sort of thing a very long time ago.

For me, I'd rather watch the TED lectures right here on my own little
glowing box.

And if you haven't seen Stewart Brand's recent TED lecture in March on
re-genesis and the current efforts to bring back the Passenger Pigeon (who
knew that they were so far along?), I would recommend it as a salve for the

Try this link;


If that doesn't work, just Google it.

This is a must see talk for bird people and a good salve for reality TV.

Go Dodos!

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