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Connie Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 11:21:44 PDT 2013

Hey tweets, my husband John found a very odd Canada Goose last night foraging in the grass of the new Husky track. It had an all-black head. As far as we can tell, this is about as unusual as a Canada Goose can get. We googled it and found this photo from Wisconsin (our goose looks just like it):

There was a large flock of Canadas in that field. One other had a very black head too, though we could see faint traces of white.

Today, the CLIFF SWALLOWS arrived at the Fill, a most welcome sight. Also on view: a Northern Rough-winged Swallow on Main Pond, two Barns on SW Pond, and numerous Trees and Violet-greens.

The COMMON YELLOWTHROATS are back; the males are already working hard to establish their territories. One guy in particular has been busy in Kern's Restoration Pond. He's staked out all the scrub from Wahkiakum south to SW Pond and spends all his time zooming up and down the track, stopping only to sing a snatch of song and eat a snatch of bug.

I saw my first SAVANNAH SPARROW fight this morning. Fights among Savannahs started happening only recently, an indicator that in prior years there has always been plenty of habitat to go around. We've had such a Savannah explosion, though, that this is no longer true. Savannahs' fight songs are really different from their normal singing. I hope you get a chance to hear it. - Connie, Seattle

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