[Tweeters] Harlequin Ducks

Terry Sargent Peart terry.peart at outlook.com
Tue Apr 9 10:41:49 PDT 2013

While on our (Lucy-dog and I) regular walk around Lincoln Park in West Seattle this morning, we spied a flock (20-30) of Harlequin Ducks at the north end (actually they were north of the park boundary in front of the residences along Beach Drive). We also saw a few Horned Grebes, a sole Common Loon, decked out in his finery, and a pair of Mallards sleeping on the beach (unusual) and a few Common Golden-eyes. There was a harbor seal sleeping on the float, too. In the upper park we heard lots of Flickers, Nuthatches and Chickadees, Song Sparrows and I think I heard a White-crowned Sparrow, too, but I didn't get a look at him.On our drive home, while stopped at a traffic light, I saw a crow land in the parking strip with something yellow in its beak. It proceeded to push it down into the grass, and then it looked like it took a chunk of grass and leaves and covered it up and then flew away. The light changed and I was thinking, wow, I've never seen a crow bury something before. I wonder, do they do that? I've read a few books about crows but don't remember ever hearing about or seeing a crow bury something for later. Hmmm. I got about a quarter mile down the road when it struck me that I didn't have anything important to do and I should go back and see what it was! So I did. As I parked the car I look around and above, I didn't want to be attacked by the crow, feeling I was safe I proceeded to look around. It was a yellow wrapper from a piece of candy, it wasn't really 'buried' so I must have misinterpreted it's actions. It was probably wiping it's beak off after inspecting the candy wrapper. But I had fun, I feel like an 'urban naturalist'. Lyanda Lynn Haupt (author of Crow Planet, which I have just finished reading) would be proud.
Terry PWest Seattle

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