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Hi Blair,
A few springs ago we birded the Rio Grande Valley (I'm from Austin and cut my birding teeth in the RGV). We stayed at the Alamo Inn B&B in downtown Alamo near McAllen. The Alamo Inn is a delightful, charming and funky establishment, partial to birders. Keith Hackland, t he innkeeper, is also a birder--and host extraordinaire! I hadn't been to the Valley in about 15 yrs and it was Dave's first trip. We found Keith to be a great source of information. He helped us plan our 4-day visit to maximize the number of birds we'd see, and checked in with us nightly to help us revise our plan. I highly recommend staying at the Alamo Inn, but if you can't, at least contact Keith. I believe he does some guiding; if not, he can probably help you find someone, or at least tell you the places you can safely bird on your own. That was also a concern of mine and we encountered no problems.
Good birding,
Diane Birsner and Dave Schmalz

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I will be in South Texas for 4 days in the middle
of April revisiting some of the Bird Meccas that I
visited35 years ago (but not since). My
recollection is that it is a pretty easy area to
bird alone but as it is always nice to have some
local assistance I wonder if anyone has a friend,
birdpal or local guide that they could recommend
to help for a day or two.

Blair Bernson
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