[Tweeters] Windy,Weekend birding in Okanogan County

Khanh Tran fsprucegrouse at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 8 21:04:08 PDT 2013

Hi Tweeters:
I spent a windy weekend in Okanogan County but managed to find some fun birds in the Okanogan Highlands. Windy conditions did suppress birding activity and made it difficult to hear displaying grouse and owls. It was a fun, leisurely trip with late, morning starts of 9 AM or so. Yes, becoming a total slacker with age!
Some wintering birds still persist and with spring birds arriving on their breeding grounds. A good showing of woodpeckers in the Sno-Park and the nice surprise was seeing a late Gryfalcon in Douglas County along Hwy 17 near St. Andrews Grange. It was also fun to see displaying Dusky Grouse and courting Great Gray Owls.  I saw a few other birds nice birds en route along Douglas, Grant and Adams Counties.
A few photos from recent trip and the past couple of months can be seen here.
Good birding,
Khanh Tran

Chukar: Riverside Cutoff Rd near Conconully, Fancher Rd near Tonasket, and near Lake Lenore Caves
Ruffed Grouse: Several birds along Mary Ann Creek and Bolster Rd.
Dusky Grouse: Several displaying birds despite heavy winds along Happy Hill and Silver Hill Rd near Conconully and Nine Mile Rd near Molson. A couple of birds along Central Ferry Rd.
Sharp-tailed Grouse: A small flock of flybys near town of Chesaw
Rough Legged Hawk: Several birds still persist near Mansfield, Scotch Creek Wildlife area and Okanogan Highlands
Golden Eagle: Near Riverside along Hwy 97, Wauconda near Bunch Rd, and Chesaw Rd.
Long Billed Curlew: A pair along Soap Lake Rd
Burrowing Owls: Up to nine birds in the Othello area
Great Gray Owl: Three birds found in the day near Sno-Park and Molson Area.
Short Eared Owl; A hunting bird on Silver Hill Rd near Conconully
Northern Pygmy Owl: A couple of heard only birds near Sno-Park and Lake Beth
Williamson's Sapsucker: Several near Sno-Park and Ponitac Ridge Rd
Red naped Sapsucker: A few birds along Limebelt, Conconully State Park and the Okanogan Highlands
Pileated Woodpecker: : Several birds along Davies, Mary Ann Creek Rd, and Toroda Creek Rd.
White headed Woodpecker: Outside of Sno-Park area along Havillah Rd at entrance of Sno-Park
American Three Toe: Three birds In Sno-Park area and Pontiac Ridge Rd
Black Backed Woodpecker: One bird In Sno-Park area near Havillah
Gryfalcon: A distance, bird perched on a rock along Hwy 17 near St. Andrews Grange
Northern Shrike: Several birds along Toroda Creek Rd, Havillah, and Conconully Area

Sage Thrasher: A few birds along Cameron Lake Rd.
Townsends' Solitarie: Four pairs along Happy Hill Rd
Cassin's Finch: Several pairs along Happy Hill Rd
Brewer's Sparrow: Several along Cameron Lake Road
Vesper Sparrows: Several in Okanogan Highlands

Sage Sparrows: A couple of birds near Lake Lenore area
Snow Bunting: A flock of 10 birds on Davies Rd
Yellow headed Blackbirds: A nice flock of 200 birds consisting of mostly males in Molson
Gray-crowned Rosyfinches: A flock of 300 birds along Mary Ann Creek Rd
Common Redpolls: A few small flocks of 10-12 birds on Nealy and Hungry Hollow Rd

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