[Tweeters] Weekend birds: Garfield FEHA, a few others

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 8 18:50:32 PDT 2013

Hi all -
This windy weekend, I did some birding in Eastern WA -- a couple notable sightings:

Garfield County:
Ferruginous Hawk - one immature on 4/6, seen from around the corner of Gould City - Mayview and Lower Deadman Rd.
Golden Eagles - 2 soaring together at the same spot as the FEHA, just a couple minutes later
Swainson's Hawk - 2 also following the other sightings at this spot.

It would be great if the raptors stuck around in Garfield for the summer, but it seemed like a migration move on the high winds.

Cackling Goose - one minima in amongst a flock of Canadas near the experimental farm on Hastings Hill Rd out toward Willow Landing

Adams County:
Greater White-fronted Goose - a flock at Cow Lake, present since 3/30 at least - 20 on 3/30, hard to count on 4/5 when I returned -- they have been hanging out in the westernmost part of the lake

Asotin County:
Cackling Goose - again one minima amongst a Canada flock, on the lawns along SR 129 north of Asotin town. [4/6]

Benton County:
Sandhill Cranes - a good sized flock [100+] is is still present at the Barker Ranch outside Richland along Twin Bridges & Sniveley Rd. [4/7]

Walla Walla County:
Long-billed Curlew - following up on the Denny's post, I relocated 6 LBCU on Riggs Rd sw of Touchet on 4/7

Good to see Swainson's Hawks back in many places, American White Pelicans showing up, and my first Caspian Terns of the year.

All in all, despite wind wind wind rain and some sleet coming home through the gorge, a fun weekend.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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