[Tweeters] Tweeter groups and Goldfinch in Renton

Andrew McCormick andy_mcc at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 09:23:37 PDT 2013

Hello Tweets;
For Nancy and anyone else planning a trip to Massachusetts-my home state.

The similar listserve group there is Massbird.org found at massbird.org
You'll find lots of information in addition to reports from birders.

Andy McCormick
Bellevue, WA

From: sday13 at gmail.com
To: tweeters at u.washington.edu
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2013 09:23:19 -0700
Subject: [Tweeters] Tweeter groups and Goldfinch in Renton

Does anyone know of a group like this in Massachusetts? A bird watching for a wheelchair/severely disabled person new to bird watching. I'd like to pass the information on to a twitter friend with MS.

Also, the American Goldfinch just showed up at my feeder! Such a pleasure in spring.

Nancy Day

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