[Tweeters] siskins redux

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Sun Apr 7 09:37:50 PDT 2013

Hello, tweets.

The flock(s) of siskins that were a daily presence in our yard disappeared for two days, leaving behind two birds, and I figured they had skipped town. But then they were back with a vengeance, even more of them. Today there may be as many as 50 birds, certainly well over 40, at our feeders. They are all over every feeder and the ground below them, constantly in little tiffs for feeding space. It's really fun to watch them, but I wonder how they can eat so much. From siskins, their name has morphed to pigskins in my mind, with due apology to football fans. It's interesting that the only other bird species that hogs our feeders in the same way has a name also beginning with "pig."

I watch for a redpoll or goldfinch with no luck, but a male Red Crossbill appeared today, foraging on the ground under a window, perhaps even eating soil for its mineral content. It didn't join the other birds at the feeders, then flew away.
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