[Tweeters] Ferruginous Hawk in Black Rock Valley, Yakima

Amit Kulkarni avkulkarni at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 19:16:48 PDT 2013

Finally on my fourth try, I found a Ferruginous Hawk on the south side of
Hwy 24 near MP 28.

At about 11:45am I pulled over in a driveway near milepost 28 and was
scanning the grassland when I noticed a mostly white raptor swoop down and
sit on the ground. I put my scope on it and confirmed it as a Ferruginous
Hawk. It was eating a ground squirrel and gave nice scope views for a five
or six minutes. It then took off and flew away toward the east. This was a
life bird for me.

It was very windy and there were very few other birds on the hwy 24. Other
notable birds of the trip were:
Black-necked Stilt and Redhead on Kerry's Ponds near Sunnyside
Violet-green and Northern Rough-winged Swallows near Painted Rocks
Osprey near Painted Rocks
American White Pelican on the Selah ponds.

Bellevue, WA
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