[Tweeters] Barred owl at Potholes?

Walter Kuciej WALTERK74 at comcast.net
Sat Apr 6 13:44:13 PDT 2013

My friend and I were at the Marsh #1 overlook Wednesday at dusk. Perhaps 1000 Sandhills were there. most arriving after 7:15PM. I was practicing my GH Owl call, and managed to get 2 separate birds (GH Owls) to respond, one of which we could see sitting on a rock about 100 meters away. Then, for variety, I did the "who cooks for you?" barred owl call. After several calls, we both heard what sounded like a Barred Owl response. Or was it a GH Owl imitating a Barred Owl? I did not think Barred Owls were present at the Potholes. Anybody have any knowledge of this? Thanks.

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