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jeff gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Sat Apr 6 09:48:34 PDT 2013

I'm sure Tweeters is full of wacko's lurking out there, or who are even regular contributors. Take me for example. Sure, I've posted about all sort of birds and wildlife that come into the Anchor Pub. But how about all the ones that walked in and NEVER WALKED OUT! And how about if I'm not really Jeff Gibson but someone else? I have the real (or whatever) Jeff tied up down in the Anchor cellar where I'm slowly torturing him by tickling with rare bird feathers. I'm only keeping him alive with beer, and not the good stuff either. Meanwhile I'm in control of his computer! And I need more rare bird feathers!

( insert diabolical laughter here).

Sorry about that- I've been reading alot of Stephen King novels lately, and also looking for excuses to use italics, which I just figured out how to after about 8 years of emailing. I guess I'll never be a hacker.

Moving right along, I have been following the sensitive information thread and thought people brought up a lot of good points. I do appreciate Scott Downes distinction between vagrants and local breeding birds (or roosting) - the locals are the ones most hurt by thoughtless birders or photographers. This is also particularly true of rare plants (cant run or hide), or flightless creatures like mammals, herps, etc.

Several years ago I stumbled (my typical modus operandi) upon a roost of a locally rare bird. It was a sensitive locale - easy to drive up to, and plus it was private property.
But it was a pretty cool thing, so what I did was email WOS (Washington Ornithological Society) and clearly stated that I did not want this info out on tweeters, yet would like for knowledgeable folks to know about it. Well, I got a nice email back and it turned out that WOS folks had known about it for several years. I thought that was pretty good credentials- that they knew about it and kept it quiet. Plus they have connections, to folks that study birds that somebody like me (sorta out of that loop) wouldn't know to contact. That roost is still there by the way- I'm sure it wouldn't be if it was posted about on a list serve.

As for plants (and I suppose just about everything else) you might try informing the Burke Museum in Seattle, of rare stuff. I emailed the plants collection staff about a locally rare flower I found recently, which they appreciated. They dont put rare plant locations out online.

Well, gotta go down in the cellar and give Jeff his beer ration, plus some more tickling! Yellow-billed Cuckoo feathers this week! (ha ha ha!). Know where I can get some more?

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