[Tweeters] Sharing Sensitive Information

pflores floresnw at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 4 17:24:23 PDT 2013

Regarding sensitive bird sightings, I recall that when these internet forums
first started, it was common for the original posters to note that they'd be
willing to share locations via private email, off forum. This would at
least give some control over who you would share the information with. Much
of birding is built on reputation, after all. For instance, I might
privately share an owl nesting location with someone who was a board member
with a local birding group or with research personnel at a local university,
and let them make the call on what to do with the information.

Public forums might not be the best place to broadcast really sensitive
information, and if you are in doubt about how sensitive it is, maybe it
would be good to ask someone more experienced than you before you post.

Good Birding!

Paula Flores

Greenbank, WA

floresnw AT hotmail dot com

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