[Tweeters] Fwd: Environmental impact of a garbage transfer station in north Auburn wetlands

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The city of Auburn wants to put in a new transfer station in the area of
the notorious "Chicken Farm" just south of Smith's Dairy. This is a
wetland and a great birding area. If anyone would like to comment on this,
please see the email below.
Dan Streiffert

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Subject: Environmental impact of a garbage transfer station in north Auburn
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Hi Dennis,

My name is Calen Randall. I am a fourteen year old birder with the Rainiar
Audubon Society. I write the "Seen and Heard" Article for the *Heron Herald*.
King County Solid Waste is proposing to build a garbage transfer station
and further development at 28721 West Valley Highway-a wetland nearby the
Green River. If you have not been there, this is a key birding area that
many of us at the Rainier Audubon frequent. For our Christmas Bird Count,
this is one of our focal areas.

King County Solid Waste is collecting public comment for environmental
impact assesment. Their deadline for comments is this Friday, April 5th. I
am wondering what kind of impact a garbage transfer station would have on
the beneficial insects like your beautiful dragonflies? The Rainier Audubon
is issuing a statement, but having comments sent in by you or other great
naturalists you can think of would be very helpful.

Our wetland areas are shrinking. According to the City of Auburn and King
County, the garbage transfer station is the keystone piece to further
development on this precious land.

Attatched are links to the King County comment form, to the concerned
citizens 'No North Auburn Dump Sight', and to our recent King 5 news

King County comment form:

Concerned citizen's No North Auburn Dump blog

concerned citizen's Facebook: *No North Auburn Dump*

KING5 interview with Natalie Swaby

Calen Randall

Dan Streiffert
dan_streiffert at hotmail.com
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