[Tweeters] Re: falcon cam - downtown Seattle - RFI

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Thu Apr 4 03:58:47 PDT 2013


As the news of this cam came to me with no extra information about such things as where on the building the ledge is located, whether or not the adult Peregrines are tagged, and other particulars that I know only a few details of, I suggest you take a look at the Falcon Research Group website for some of the historical details through 2008 - www.frg.org And, if any of you can offer more current info or direct us to someone or another site or reference that could update us on the "WAMU/1201 Third" story, I'm sure many of us would appreciate it.

Also, if you have any personal stories regarding present or past Peregrine nesting on this building, please do share them with all of us.


Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle

barbdeihl at comcast.net

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