[Tweeters] Re: Sharing Information

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Apr 3 12:41:23 PDT 2013

Cannot resist two comments on this subject:

First, Tracey writes in a well said summary:
"Lastly I thought, maybe wrongly so, that the
point of tweeters was to share information
including locations??? Or is it now I saw the most
amazing species, but I am going to keep it just
for myself?" I appreciate tweeters as an
information source and as a route to community...
for me that requires sharing on both the receiving
and the giving ends. If someone believes a
location or sighting is sensitive, that is fine
and should be solely their decision to make...BUT
if someone does not want to share the details so
that others can participate then why not just keep
quiet and keep everything to yourself ... don't
stir up interest and then shut it down.

Second: The photographer vs birder issue reminds
me of another that always seems controversial -
hunter vs. birder. Many birding people I know are
always speak derisively about hunters - bird
killers in their minds. Absolutely there are some
hunters that I do not respect, complete a**holes.
But unfortunately the same is true of a number of
birders and photographers (and every other
category as well). I have never fired a gun and
never plan to, but I know many hunters who are
very conservationist, sensitive and knowledgeable
and contribute enormously to preservation of the
habitat that in supporting the birds hunted also
provide enormous benefits for many of the birds
that I enjoy seeing, including both some that are
hunted and many others that benefit from the
preservation that follows naturally.

ALL of us have an impact on the wildlife that we
love to experience just by being out in their
presence - birders, photographers and hunters. A
rush to judgement serves no one well.

My 2 cents and probably not worth even that...

Blair Bernson

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