[Tweeters] Sandy Point

Jim Duemmel jimduemmel at q.com
Tue Apr 2 22:19:22 PDT 2013

Yesterday (Monday) afternoon: A large flock of Dunlin with three or four Sanderlings at the water’s edge. A much larger flock of Dunlins, accompanied by a dozen Black-bellied Plovers, flew over the point heading north. Then a flock of five Whimbrels flew in, settled for leisurely views and then flew off (it seems a bit early for a flock of five Whimbrels). So, shorebirds are on the move. Repeated searches of the roofs of the houses and the beach driftwood located no Snowy Owls.

It is really unfortunate that the undeveloped land at the south end of Sandy Point remains in the hands of some realtor/bank instead of public ownership.

Jim Duemmel

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