[Tweeters] Not sharing information

Tracey Kidston photography info at traceykidstonphotography.com
Tue Apr 2 11:39:02 PDT 2013

To all users of tweeters:

This is in response to the recent postings on tweeters in regards to photographers and people choosing to not share information or grouping people into a category that they cannot be trusted with specific information.

I am actively involved with many conservation projects and also have been in the avian veterinary field for many years. I am a full time professional photographer and am involved with (for more than 12 years) parrot and macaw conservations throughout Central and South America.

If you are inclined to Google me or take a look at my website you will readily see the conservation programs that I am involved with, both through my direct image taking for the projects as well as my expertise, time and money.

I only state the above because I feel that there has been a bit of a “witch hunt” as of late on tweeters and it has become increasingly frustrating. It appears that know one wants to share information with a photographer. I run across plenty of people in the field who are disrespectful to the wildlife they are viewing that being the general public, birders and photographers. There are good people and bad people. I am obviously a bit frustrated as being lumped into the category of being uneducated, unethical, inexperienced or disrespectful of the wildlife we all enjoy. If I disturbed every species I photographed I would be run out of town and would NEVER get any of the images that I have.

That is all I have to say from my soap box, and only decided to say anything after many months of this happening.

Again just my two cents.

Best Regards,


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