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Hello All,

>From time to time I like to share with my fellow birders advances in new optic technology. So this last week I came upon a whole new optical idea by Janeeco Optics. This small progressive optic company under the direction of Professor Clair Glass has created the ultimate field spotting scope. The Janeeco Optics Inc. information from the company has an outstanding description of this 55x field scope. It says that it is easily carried into the field by the smallest child yet provides outstanding quality view for the serious professional. There is a great Testimonial from Sherm ( The Loach ) MacComber birding tour guide for "Get the Lead Out Wildlife Tours". Sherm says that this new scope "Transformed his tours as anyone can see very clearly through this amazing new scope". He sites a situation where one of his clients was able to spot a road at a great distance while birding in a third world nation that saved the whole group after they became lost.

The exciting thing is this 75mm, 55x scope is what is called a "soft scope". It rolls up just like a sleeping bag to a size that can slip right into the big pockets of most field pants or vests. Yes you just roll it up, all the lenses, the body and the 55x ocular along with the soft tripod connection are light weight and comes out at only 23 oz. Rolled up size is 10.3 inches long and 3.75 inches thick. All parts of this scope are water proof. This amazing scope has a patented snap into place design that allows the user to unroll the scope while pushing a small button near the ocular end of the body. There is an audible "pop" when the scope is "set" to its extended full 19.4 inch length. What will be thought of next? So look for this outstanding scope in most birding publications.
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