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Good one Matt. Happy 4/1/13 to you too.


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On Apr 1, 2013, at 4:48 AM, Matt Bartels wrote:

> I thought this might be of interest:


> "The Casual Birder - new documentary airs tonight on PBS


> You’ve watched the obsessive birders in “The Big Year.” You’ve seen

> lives transformed by birding in “The Central Park Effect.” Now, join

> us as we explore the world of the Casual Birder in a brand new

> documentary, narrated by Jonathan Franzen.


> The majority of people counted in national surveys as ‘birders’ are

> part of the unexplored “Casual Birder” category. These people enjoy

> birds and sometimes identify and report them – but they somehow find

> time for other priorities.


> We’ll explore the mindset of some of these birders to learn what

> makes them pursue birding with such occasional interest. How have

> theymanaged to continue working when a new state bird is publicized

> on the birding lists? Why are they willing to get a full night’s

> rest rather than rising before dawn to put in a full day in the

> field? And how are they able to keep up their not-quite-single-

> minded focus on a hobby they pursue now and then?


> We’ll talk to casual birders, their friends (who have no idea they

> have a marginal interest in birds), their spouses and children

> (never neglected for a bird), and hard-core birders (flummoxed) to

> sketch a picture of this little-understood sub-culture.


> Airing tonight on PBS (check local listings for times)



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