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Hi all,
If you are headed to Antarctica over the next few months and would be
interested in communicating with high school students learning about
climate change, please read on. If you know grad students, postdocs,
faculty who are headed there, please forward!

Lisa Neshyba, a fabulous high school teacher at Sammamish High School, and
long time PCC partner on grad student curriculum development projects is
looking for an opportunity for her students to interact with scientists
while in Antarctica.

Her ask is below. She is cc'd on this email, if you'd be interested in
following up, please contact her at neshybal at bsd405.org.



My classes (UWHS ATM 111 – climate change in the high school) are seeking
to correspond with Antarctic researchers over the next couple of months by
email and video. They are hoping they can send questions down to the
researchers, and if the researchers have a few moments, they could make a
very short video reply to the question.

We hoped that if several researchers agreed to do this, that would make it
easier… each researcher would only be fielding 1-2 questions. I plan on
creating a google drive where I can post questions and others can upload

The goal of this interaction is to allow my students to experience
vicariously what primary research is like, especially anything climate

I am hoping that this ask attracts an international group of scientists, so
that my students hear from a variety of researchers from across the globe
doing a variety of primary research.

If you are interested, or know of anyone who is interested, please let me
know, and I can invite you to the google folder.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Lisa Neshyba

Program on Climate Change at the University of Washington
Office Phone: 206-543-6521
uwpcc at uw.edu
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