[pccgrads] Invitation to Geoengineering Presentations at Sammamish High School

Adam Sokol abs66 at uw.edu
Wed Oct 16 18:29:57 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I'd like to extend an invitation to anyone interested to join us next
and Thursday (10/23 and 10/24) at Sammamish High School *in Bellevue for
some student presentations addressing the broad question "Can
geoengineering save the world?".

These presentations are the culmination of a ~6 week project assigned to
students in the AP Environmental Science and Frontiers in Science classes.
The students are excited to present in front of members from the UW
community, so we'd love to have as many people as we can attend. This is
the second year of this UW-Sammamish collaboration, which was started last
year as Michael Diamond's PCC Capstone project. Please see a more detailed
description of the project below.

The presentations are scheduled from *9:30am-1:00pm on Wednesday* and
from *9:30am-11:00am
& 1:30pm-3:00pm on Thursday.* Please let me know if you are interested in
attending any portion of the presentations and we can help arrange


*Project Description*:
Students from Sammamish High School's AP Environmental Science and
Frontiers in Science classes will be presenting their research projects
about what role, if any, geoengineering proposals should play in our
response to climate change. Students will discuss how their selected
geoengineering proposals would work in the context of the physical climate
system and what implications it could have for society and unintended
consequences may result before reaching a conclusion about whether that
proposal is worth considering further. The geoengineering-themed
Problem-Based Learning module at Sammamish High School was developed in
2018 as part of Michael Diamond's PCC Capstone in collaboration with Andre
Perkins (UW Atmospheric Sciences), Sammamish High School science teachers
Lisa Neshyba and Kristin Larson, and Sammamish High School students. This
year is the second iteration of the project.
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