[pccgrads] Accepting P-GraSC nominations!

Sarah Ragen sragen at uw.edu
Wed May 8 20:36:02 PDT 2019

Hi PCC grads,

Just a reminder that we are currently accepting nominations for P-GraSC. Please consider nominating yourself or a friend!

What is P-GraSC, you ask? The PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC; https://pcc.uw.edu/people/graduate-student-steering-committee/) is a group of ~15 PCC grad students from a diverse group of departments (if you're getting this email, you definitely count as a PCC grad student!). The committee formed three years ago in response to feedback from the June 2016 "All-Hands" meeting, which identified the need for a more organized grad student steering body within the PCC.

Each year, half the committee will rotate out, to be replaced by new members - namely, YOU! We are currently seeking nominations (for yourself or others) to begin a 2-year position on P-GraSC starting this summer (if you have less than 2 years left and want to get involved, nominate yourself anyhow! 1 year placements are perfectly fine). The committee meets once per quarter, with sub-committees potentially meeting more often if you're working on something specific.

We encourage applications from all PCC departments, with a particular emphasis on ensuring a diversity of disciplines/perspectives. The goal is to have no more than a few people from the same department on the committee together at any given time.

Please send your nominations (name of nominee + a few sentences on why interested) to Sarah Ragen <sragen at uw.edu<mailto:sragen at uw.edu>> by noon on Thursday, May 9th!






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