[pccgrads] You're invited: Student Roundtable on Dams in the PNW

Claire Beveridge cbev at uw.edu
Wed Jan 30 16:28:12 PST 2019

Hi PCC-ers,

If you're interested in interdisciplinary conversations about dams (which
of course includes interconnections with climate change) we'd love to have
you join us for the event detailed below!

Best regards,

Claire Beveridge
Graduate Student
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Washington
Join us for the next exciting event in our Freshwater Exploration Series.
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You're Invited!
Freshwater Exploration Series, Winter 2019

Learn More <http://discover.uw.edu/R00x0kzQky0000K0ArOvl81>




*What:* Freshwater Exploration Series: Student Roundtable on Dams in the
Pacific Northwest

*When:* Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 5:00-7:00 pm

*Where:* Communications Building
<http://discover.uw.edu/JQ0xAk0szO08mvk1yK00000>, Room 202

Join us for the second event in the 2018-2019 Freshwater Exploration
Series: Dams in the Pacific Northwest. The Freshwater Exploration Series is
hosted by the UW Freshwater Initiative and the UW Simpson Center for
Humanities <http://discover.uw.edu/GzQ0Ov00kn0tA0yx0010K8k>. This
roundtable will include:

1. Lightning talks about how dams are featured in students' research,
2. A brief discussion of Ho et al. (2017): The future of dams in the
United States of America <http://discover.uw.edu/I0z0uAk0x0Ko8y0k0v0QO01>
and an excerpt from Rita Wong's *Undercurrent
3. Planning for the Spring 2019 panel event.

Students from ALL disciplines are invited to give 3-minute lightning talks
about how dams or the impact of dams feature in their research. Giving a
talk is not required to participate in this event.

We will also be identifying questions, issues, and perspectives that we
would like to address in a Spring 2019 panel event with academic and
industry experts.

*Food and drinks will be served.*

LEARN MORE <http://discover.uw.edu/R00x0kzQky0000K0ArOvl81>

RSVP <http://discover.uw.edu/FzkQx00wq1A0K0vk000Oy80>

*Reading Materials*
[image: A hydropower plant on the edge of a river]

Future of Dams in the US

Ho et al. (2017) explore whether more dams are needed in the US when
climate change projections suggest more hydrologic extremes.

DOWNLOAD <http://discover.uw.edu/I0z0uAk0x0Ko8y0k0v0QO01>

Rita Wong's* Undercurrent*

Rita Wong's *Undercurrent* reflects on the power and sacredness of water,
which largely goes underappreciated.

DOWNLOAD <http://discover.uw.edu/Xyx0KpQ08100Ov0kk00zAv0>
[image: A stream meanders through a forest]
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