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Dear Colleague:

Attached, please find the announcement for the 2019 program in
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (GFD) at the Woods Hole Oceanographic
Institution and the 2018 GFD Newsletter. In 2019 the program commences
with two weeks of Principal Lectures focusing on "Stratified Turbulence
and Oceanic Mixing Processes". The lecturers will be Colm-cille
Caulfield of the University of Cambridge and Stephanie Waterman of
University of British Columbia.

We would appreciate it if you would please bring this announcement to
the attention of graduate students in your department who might be
interested in applying for fellowships in the program. The fellowships
are intended for graduate students who have completed their graduate
coursework and are just beginning their research, but all qualified
applicants are seriously considered.

The activities of the fellows are described in the announcement. Please
note that fellows are expected to participate for the full 10 weeks of
the program. Additional Fellowship information and application forms
may be obtained at: http://www.whoi.edu/main/gfd/fellowships

We expect to award 10 fellowships from a very competitive pool of
applications. Fellows are selected by vote of the GFD faculty. Many
factors are considered in the selection process, including scientific
and creative ability, geographical and disciplinary diversity, and the
likelihood that the GFD experience will have a strong positive influence
on the career of the fellow. The GFD program is deeply committed to
diversity in the choice of fellows and we particularly encourage
applications from women and members of underrepresented groups.

Further information about the 2019 program and a summary of the earlier
programs can be obtained from the GFD website: http://gfd.whoi.edu/

Prospective visitors should contact Claudia Cenedese at
ccenedese at whoi.edu, Karl Helfrich at khelfrich at whoi.edu or Bruce
Sutherland at bsuther at ualberta.ca

Claudia Cenedese Physical Oceanography
Senior Scientist WHOI, MS #21
ccenedese at whoi.edu Woods Hole, MA 02543 USA
Tel: (508) 289 2696 Fax: (508) 457 2181
"Quanto Basta"

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LuAnne Thompson
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Adjunct Professor Physics and Atmospheric Sciences

Office: 206 543 9965
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