[pccgrads] Holocene Climate Workshop at UW, Jan 23-25

Cecilia Bitz bitz at uw.edu
Thu Jan 10 20:21:17 PST 2019

Please consider attending the workshop advertised below. There may be
some space to give a talk if you are interested. Please contact Cristian
Proistosescu: cproist at uw.edu

For more information go to https://atmos.washington.edu/~cproist/CVAS

Meeting location Alder auditorium at UW*(map)*

Spatio-temporal structure of forced and unforced variability across
the Holocene: from proxies to process

University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA

January 23-25, 2019


*Background:*Understanding the structure of natural variability is
necessary to identify and attribute anthropogenically forced climatic
changes. At the same time, the scaling structure of variability contains
information about the underlying dynamics of the climate system.
Leveraging the information inherent in this structure is particularly
crucial given the relatively short record of anthropogenic climate
change. The Holocene presents the most promising interval for studying
the scaling structure of variability, due to its similarity to modern

The goal of this workshop is to untangle the structure of forced and
unforced variability across the Holocene from the sparse, noisy, and
indirect proxy record.

Cecilia Bitz
Professor in Atmospheric Sciences
Director of the Program on Climate Change
office: 206-543-1339
fax: 206-543-0308
email: bitz at uw.edu or bitz at atmos.washington.edu
web: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~bitz/

Atmospheric Sciences box 351640
University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-1640 USA

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