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Register for the 2019 AMS Summer Policy Colloquium

Dear Colleague,

Are you interested in putting your science to work for public benefit while
developing your leadership skills? Then register now for the American
Meteorological Society (AMS) Summer Policy Colloquium in Washington, D.C.,
June 2 - June 11, 2019!

The AMS has organized this unique and highly successful science policy
immersion workshop for seventeen years, providing scientists with knowledge
about the policy process and training to engage in science policy
effectively and responsibly.

Each year, around 40 earth and atmospheric scientists from academia,
government, and the private sector meet for ten days in Washington, D.C.
where they have access to high-level Executive and Congressional decision
makers. Participants learn from leaders in the federal agencies and
Executive Office of the President, bipartisan Congressional staff members,
and other leaders engaged in the policy process. The Colloquium also offers
visits to Capitol Hill, hands-on workshops, and case studies of current
issues in the earth and atmospheric sciences.

Participants complete the Colloquium with a deeper appreciation for the
policy process and are equipped with tools for being effective in the
policy arena. They also build a network of contacts and resources that will
help them engage in science policy. To date, some 600 people have attended
the Colloquium. Colloquium alumni are now working for Congress, federal
agencies, in corporate management positions, nongovernmental organizations,
and university leadership positions. More information, including
participant biographies and agendas from previous years, is available at
*http://ametsoc.org/spc.* <http://iz4.me/XcDV5z8rghc1>

All interested individuals are welcome to apply. The online application for
the AMS Summer Policy Colloquium is open, and can be found on our website
*here* <http://iz4.me/bcDV5z8rghc1>. The deadline to register is April 19,
2019. But participation is limited to 40 individuals, on a first-come,
first-served basis.

*Important Note for Graduate Students: *A limited number of graduate
students and faculty will be awarded full financial support from the
National Science Foundation (NSF), based on a national competition. Those
interested in applying for NSF funding must also submit an NSF application
by March 15, 2019, in addition to registering. For more information and
application instructions for this program, please visit
* <http://iz4.me/ecDV5z8rghc1>

For any questions, please contact Kenza Sidi-Ali-Cherif at
kenzasac at ametsoc.org.

Thank you,

Bill Hooke

American Meteorological Society Policy Program

Associate Executive Director and Senior Policy Fellow

(202) 355-9817

hooke at ametsoc.org

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American Meteorological Society Policy Program

1200 New York Ave. NW, Suite 450, Washington, D.C., 20005

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