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Hey all, this is a request for young scientists to send a postcard about
their work and themselves (2 lines) to a past PCC/ESS graduate student who
is now teaching middle school in Ohio. Seems like a fabulous way to engage
this age group! Please do consider taking a moment...request is below.


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Subject: outreach request - postcards!
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Hi Miriam,

Does the PCC still maintain an outreach listserve? If so, would you be able
to send on my note below? I teach middle school math and science now, and I
would love for my students to receive postcards from grad students or
others doing field or lab science.

I hope you are well!

Thank you!

Julia Jarvis

PCC grad student in the early '00s; ESS PhD '08



This is a request for science postcards!

I teach science and math to a group of awesome 7th and 8th graders in
Ohio. These kids are bright and inquisitive and curious about the world
and the LOVE hearing stories about my friends and former colleagues (some
of you!) doing science all over the world.

I would love to share more stories with them about science being done right
at this moment, by people who were maybe like them at age 13. If you have
a minute, would you please send us a postcard and write a sentence or two
about your science?

If you are in the field now, send us a postcard from your field location!
If you are in the lab processing samples from last year's field work and
you happen to have a postcard from your field location that you never sent,
send it to us! Or make one with one of your own photos using a postcard
app! You can write anything-- "I study fish in Costa Rica and it's awesome
because..." or "Right now I'm halfway through analyzing 100 soil samples
from..." or "When I was little I dreamed of being a scientist AND NOW I

If you include a website we will head there to read more about you/your
science, otherwise we will find your location on a map, display your
postcard on our Wall of Awesome Science, and talk about how your area of
science is super cool!

You can send a postcard to:

Julia Jarvis

Xavier University Montessori Lab School

Joseph Hall

3800 Victory Parkway

Cincinnati, OH 45207-6631

If you don't have a postcard or postage, you can make and send a digital
postcard to me and I will print it out. Send it to: jarvisj6 at xavier.edu

Feel free to send a postcard at any point this '19/'20 academic year! It
will make our day! (Seriously, we will all be THRILLED to hear from you!

Thank you!


Julia Jarvis, Ph.D.
Assistant Teacher, Middle School
Xavier University Montessori Lab School
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207
jarvisj6 at xavier.edu

Program on Climate Change at the University of Washington
Office Phone: 206-543-6521
uwpcc at uw.edu
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