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Subject: Help judging high school geoengineering projects on Sept. 25th
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Hi all,

In short, I need a few volunteers to help me judge geoengineering proposals
on Tuesday, September 25th from about 8 am - 4 pm. (This is the day before
classes start, I believe.) Lunch is provided, and I'll be providing
transportation from UW (leaving around 8 am, returning around 4 pm). See
more details below.


Michael Diamond and I have been working with a few AP Environmental Science
classes and a college-credit science class at Sammamish High School on a
3-week project-based-learning curriculum centered around climate and
geoengineering. This project has them looking at the potential
benefits/drawbacks of different geoengineering strategies in the context of
the basic climate science they've learned.

Each group of 4-5 students will produce a short research paper and a
5-minute presentation on a chosen geoengineering topic. Our job is to rate
the presentations using a provided rubric and to provide basic feedback on
the scientific aspects of their discussion. This is an important component
of the project curriculum because it gives them an authentic interaction
with expert knowledge. (Expert meaning someone trained in understanding
climate science.) Michael and I taught for a couple days last week on
basic energy budget considerations, and all the classes are respectful,
engaged, and very thoughtful. It was a lot of fun!

If you'd like to take a day to give some of your time, please let me know!
I'd like to have the group solidified by the end of the week.

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