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The PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee (P-GraSC) held its first
meeting of the 2018-19 academic year on Thursday, September 6. We welcomed new
members <https://pcc.uw.edu/people/graduate-student-steering-committee/>
and said goodbye to those who have finished their terms. PCC Assistant
Director Miriam Bertram attended the meeting and led a discussion of
current PCC initiatives.Here we’d like to share a few highlights to help
the broader PCC community get to know who we are and what we do, as well as
ways that you can get involved.

The PCC Summer Institute is next week! We all thank Miriam for her hard
work organizing the event. Be on the lookout for tweets and blog posts
about the Summer Institute written by P-GraSC members. We also discussed
ways to publicize new climate-related research at UW through social media
and Research Highlights <https://pcc.uw.edu/research/research-highlights/>
posted on the PCC website. Please reach out to us if you have recent
research that you would like featured.

Additionally, P-GraSC will be coordinating a wide range of outreach and
education efforts this year, which include augmenting the Slide Database
<https://pcc.uw.edu/education/presentation-resources/> on the PCC website.
Contact us if you have any climate-related presentations for a general
audience that you would like us to archive and share.

We have updated the P-GraSC subcommittee structure for this year, which
will help us put on more events and reach a larger audience. These are our

Spring Symposium: This year will be the third annual Spring Symposium. This
is a one day event in April or May that highlights climate-related student
and postdoc research. It’s been a popular event and we encourage you all to
attend this year.
Graduate Student Seminar (GSS): This is our seminar series and we aim for
at least one seminar a quarter featuring PCC graduate student research. We
usually serve pizza and beer.
Public Engagement: This committee finds ways to support existing PCC public
outreach and education. We also plan to start our own initiatives. We have
some exciting ideas for the coming year, so be on the lookout for events!
University Engagement: Through this committee, we aim to increase the
visibility and impact of PCC within the UW community. In the past, this has
involved presenting at new student orientations, organizing outings and
social events, hosting climate-focused book clubs, and more!
Undergraduate Research: This subcommittee will coordinate a new effort to
connect undergraduates with research opportunities.

Bylaws: Each year, this subcommittee reviews our governing document and
proposes updates.
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