[pccgrads] Pls RSVP for the Grad Certificate in Climate Science information session--Nov 13 at 11:30 in OCN 425

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Mon Oct 29 11:07:39 PDT 2018

Hello Graduate Students on the PCC listserve!

A quick reminder, that we are holding an information session, where we will
spend a few minutes introducing the Graduate Certificate in Climate
Science, how it is intertwined with the inner workings of the Program on
Climate Change, and then talk about the associated capstone project
communicating climate science. Representatives from CIG, Washington
Department of Fish and Wildlife, King County, and others will be there to
start conversations and plant ideas for collaborations.

When and Where:
Tuesday, Nov. 13
OCN 425
RSVP: https://goo.gl/forms/cqUqW6nAWEVpAWjy1

Fun Fact: You are not required to enroll in the certificate to enroll in
capstone credits!

If you are interested in doing a capstone and cannot make it the meeting,
please use the RSVP <https://goo.gl/forms/cqUqW6nAWEVpAWjy1> link to let us

Happy to answer questions.


On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 2:53 PM UW Program On Climate Change <uwpcc at uw.edu>

> Hello, Graduate Students wondering about the Graduate Certificate in

> Climate Science and capstone projects!


> Join fellow graduate students and potential advisors at our annual

> GCeCS/capstone informational meeting. We will focus most of our time on

> the capstone, but will happily answer any questions about the PCC or the

> certificate in general.


> YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN PCC Director, Cecilia Bitz and Miriam Bertram, PCC

> Assistant and Student advisor.....


> Tuesday,

> November 13

> 11:30-12:30 (with more informal conversation until 1 pm)

> in Ocean Sciences Building Room 425


> *RSVP HERE <https://goo.gl/forms/OnTSgSaVIgGHxfiz1> (*

> https://goo.gl/forms/OnTSgSaVIgGHxfiz1)


> To read more about the certificate program:

> PCC website: curriculum and overview

> <https://pcc.uw.edu/education/graduate-certificate/>

> Detailed description of the Graduate Certificate in Climate Science

> <https://pcc.uw.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2014/10/GCeCS-Description-2014.pdf>

> How to complete in 2-yrs

> <https://pcc.uw.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2014/10/Completing-the-GCeCS_Final-1.pdf>

> Completed capstones

> <https://pcc.uw.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2018/04/Completed-Capstone-Projects.pdf> (will

> be updated soon)


> The program is very flexible, and we encourage you, the student, to come

> up with something that fits your skills, interests, and future. There are,

> ofcourse specific requirements. With that in mind, it's always good to

> know what kinds of projects are out there..


> Potential project advisers who have been invited include:

> (most have worked with capstone students in the past):


> Rich Childers, Ocean Acidification Policy Lead, Washington Department of

> Fish and Wildlife (RSVP'd likely to attend)


> Lara Whitely Binder and Jamie Stroble, King County, Climate Engagement


> Crystal Raymond and Heidi Roop (RSVP'd yes) (Climate Impacts Group)


> Kirsten Feifel, Department of Natural Resources


> Ronda Strauch, Seattle City Light


> Mark Windschidtl, Jessica Thompson, Deb Morrison from the College of

> Education


> Dargan Frierson, Earth Games and UW in the High School


> Happy to answer questions!


> -Miriam


> UW Program on Climate Change

> 206-543-6521



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