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Dear Environment Advisers,

PoE is advertising for a Teaching Assistant position for ENVIR 250:
Research Methods in Environmental Studies. Applications are due on November
2nd. There are a few more details below and on the attached position

Can you please forward this email to your students?

Thank you!
Kristi Straus

The Program on the Environment (PoE) is an interdisciplinary program
emphasizing undergraduate education in environmental studies. ENVIR 250
introduces the processes involved in research design, including methods for
environmental data collection, analysis, and presentation. It also
introduces ecological and social research methods through case studies,
followed by practical lab and field work. This course is open to all

PoE will hire one Teaching Assistant for ENVIR 239

Kristina M. Straus, Ph.D.
Acting and Associate Director, Program on the Environment
Lecturer, Program on the Environment
University of Washington
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