[pccgrads] Are the PCC Research Highlights missing your publication?

UW Program On Climate Change uwpcc at uw.edu
Mon Oct 8 15:19:09 PDT 2018

Research Highlights—the PCC website is a great place to share your recent
(within the last year) published climate related research. We (that’s
David and I, and some of the PCC grad students) are trolling google
scholar, but have limited capacity to keep up with all the articles that
should be posted. So, we are encouraging authors and friends to submit.
It’s easy….easiest for those that are familiar with the science.

Take a look at existing highlights here:


Note the authors and topics that are currently searchable.

*Information to submit to us at uwpcc at uw.edu <uwpcc at uw.edu>:*

*Title:* of the plain language summary, so will be different from the
research paper title.

*Subtitle:* one liner that says it all

*Contributor of Research Highlight *(may be an author of the published
work, someone from the research group, or other who knows the work well).

*Key Points: *two or three bullet points

*Overview:* two or three paragraphs that describe the significance of the
work in the broad context of understanding climate change, climate

Adding a personal touch is great…how many samples did it take to be able to
do the science? Years of work? Humanize it. Make the work relatable to a

*Picture* of author or other that would make readers interested. Include
caption. Include credit for photo.

*Authors & Affiliations*

*Publication Date*

*Publication Journal*


Finally, we will tweet to that great undefined resource, via @PCCeduc;
We’ll make up our own tweet, or feel free to send us suggestions.

Send along to uwpcc at uw.edu and we’ll post!

Don’t hesitate to send us feedback on this project. We’d really like to
populate this web resource to make it more valuable to the PCC and to those
who want to know more about climate research at UW.

This list is attached as a word document, maybe that will help.

Thank you!
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