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Michael S Diamond diamond2 at uw.edu
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Hi PCC grads,

Aseem Prakash (Director of the Center for Environmental Politics at UW)
will be teaching a course on NGO Politics this winter quarter that he
thinks would be of interest to anyone here with a public policy focus. I'm
copying the full description below.


Winter Quarter Graduate Seminar

NGO Politics

POLS 586 A

Thursday, 1:30-4:20 pm

Non-governmental, non-profit organizations (NGNPOs) have emerged as
important actors in local, national, and international politics. As units
of collective action, they advocate policy positions and produce collective
goods. They are often viewed as crucial building blocks for democracy and
economic growth. NGNPOs compete and cooperate with governments and with
firms. Importantly, they compete and cooperate with one another for
membership, external funding, and media attention. Although they are termed
as ‘non-governmental’ organizations, many of them rely on governments for
much of their funding. And, some NGNPOs have highly questionable and
normatively inappropriate goals. In sum, there is a scholarly need to
systematically examine NGNPOs as units of collective action, and answer key
questions such as under what conditions they emerge, how they structure
their organization, how they function, and how they influence policy.
Several literatures study the advocacy and collective good provision
functions of NGNPOs. These are:  the NGO politics and civil society
literatures in political science,  the social movement literature in
sociology, and  the non-profit (NP) literature in public
policy/administration/management. This course will investigate key
theoretical and empirical issues raised in these literatures pertaining to
NGNPO goals, strategy, politics, and efficacy. We will focus on topics that
are theoretically and empirically interesting, and have attracted scholarly

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