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*NEW CLASS! Grand Challenges in Global Marine Affairs*

*SMEA 550A **(3 credits) *

* Winter 2019 T/Th 2:00 – 3:20 pm *
*(may be used to satisfy the GCeCS communication seminar requirement)*

Oceans are at the vanguard of discussions of many of the key
global environment and human development issues of our age: climate
change impacts, adaptation and mitigation; energy security and the greening
of the global economy; Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water;
territory, borders and the nation state; the management of global commons;
trade and globalization, the neoliberal economic model and rising global
inequality; the sustainability of the human diet and planetary
boundaries; plastics pollution and biotic invasions and extinctions, to
name a few.

We will examine one of these issues each week and identify the key policy
dilemmas, debates and conflicts around them in order to develop a short,
informed, incisive position statement on each one. Half the topics will be
selected by the course instructors and half will be selected by the
students, according to their interests. Students will get a cutting-edge
perspective on some of the most pressing environmental, economic and
social issues of our day, from a maritime and international perspective,
from people involved in providing policy analysis of many of these issues
to environment and development agencies internationally.

Students will acquire skills in identifying emergent areas of policy debate
and means of identifying key arguments rapidly and rigorously. Skills in
framing and presenting divergent points of view, debating and interrogating
opposing arguments and reaching consensus - or disagreeing agreeably - will
all be developed.

Assessment will be through participation, weekly short issues briefings in
blog, press-release, op-ed, concept note and policy brief formats and a
more substantive term paper on an issue of your choice.

The course will be led by *Professor Eddie Allison*, School of Marine and
Environmental Affairs at UW and Adjunct Professor in the School of Aquatic
Sciences and Fisheries. Professor Allison is currently engaged in many of
these issues at an international level: he is a member of the Science
Advisory Team to the High Level Panel of Experts on the Ocean Economy; an
Honorary Fellow of the WorldFish Center; member of the WWF/Rockefeller
'Future of Protein' working group and; member of two World Bank/UN FAO
working groups on 'Adapting Africa's fisheries to climate change' and
'Synergies at the Nexus of Climate Change and Poverty Reduction in global
Fisheries', as well as advisor to New Zealand's Sustainable Seas Challenge

*Prof Yoshitaka Ota*, Anthropologist and Director of the Nippon
Foundation's Nereus Program on the 'Future Oceans', will also contribute to
the course, as will visiting 'Future Oceans' Fellows and other SMEA and UW

As both instructors will be interacting with these global policy research
processes during the time the class is being taught, student research and
thinking will have a direct pathway to policy influence. Be part of the
conversation *and* the action.
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