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Subject: Upcoming NW CSC Actionable Climate Science Skills-building Webinar


The Northwest Climate Science Center is excited to announce our
upcoming *Actionable
Climate Science **Skills-building Webinar Series! *Please see the attached
announcement and help us share the information by distributing it widely to
your networks.

This webinar series is designed to help those engaged in climate science
research better understand the range of approaches for developing
actionable science. Each webinar will explore ways to support effective
collaborations between scientific researchers and natural resource

Our upcoming webinars include:

*Developing a successful co-production collaboration between scientists and

Meade Krosby & Amy Snover | 11:00 AM (PT) | Tuesday, April 3rd

*An introduction to collaborative research methods*

Alison Meadow | 11:00 AM (PT) | Tuesday, May 1st

*The role of communication in knowledge co-production*

Heidi Roop & Darcy Widmayer | 11:00 AM (PT) | Tuesday, June 5th

*Best practices for collaborative climate adaptation research between
tribal and non-tribal partners*

Chas Jones & Amelia Marchand | 11:00 AM (PT) | Tuesday, July 10th

*Learn more about these webinars and register today! *

*Darcy J. Widmayer*

Communications Manager | Northwest Climate Science Center

College of the Environment | University of Washington

206.221.5689 <(206)%20221-5689> | darcyjw at uw.edu | @NW_CSC


gmauger at uw.edu
(206) 685-0317
@CIG_UW <https://twitter.com/CIG_UW>
Guillaume <http://forvo.com/word/guillaume/> Mauger
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