[pccgrads] Introducing your new GSR... Sarah Ragen!

Michael S Diamond diamond2 at uw.edu
Tue Jun 19 12:12:10 PDT 2018

Hi all,

I'm very pleased to announce that Sarah Ragen, who is starting her second
year in the School of Oceanography, will serve as a PCC Graduate Student
Representative for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years. I'm copying
Sarah's acceptance of her GSR nomination below.

>From Sarah: "First of all, I'm honored to have been nominated. In my first

year here at UW as a graduate student, the PCC has been instrumental in
making me feel like a part of the community on campus. I love attending
events like the Summer Institute, symposiums, and seminars that bring
students, researchers, and professors from different fields together to
share knowledge and ideas. Thus far, I've been involved in the planning of
this year's Graduate Climate Conference (GCC) and am looking forward to
serving on P-GraSC. I'm interested in being a GSR because I think it is
important for PCC graduate students to have a stake and a voice in PCC
board decisions. I look forward to working with everyone in the PCC
community more in the future!"

Additionally, as her term winds down over the next few months, I'd like to
take this moment to thank Paige Lavin for her incredible work as GSR the
past two years and general involvement in the PCC community. Paige was
instrumental in starting the now-annual PCC Spring Symposium, in addition
to helping found the PCC Graduate Student Steering Committee and serving as
Abstract Chair for two Graduate Climate Conferences, among other
PCC-related endeavors.


Michael S. Diamond
PhD Student
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Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Washington
On the web: http://atmos.uw.edu/~diamond2/
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