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FYI. Climate change has been a major part of the assessments related to the
Columbia River Treaty.

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Hello Folks,
I have been asked to distribute this job opportunity through the Silver
Jackets channels. This H&H position is in our Seattle District office and
will support Columbia River EIS and Columbia River Treaty negotiations. I
have worked on-and-off with the Treaty for about 8 years - it's pretty
interesting stuff. If you know of any folks that may have interest please
let them know. Thanks!

The Hydrology, Hydraulics and Coastal Engineering Branch of the Seattle
District Corps of Engineers announces a vacancy for a hydraulic engineer at
the GS 11 or GS 12 level. This position will work on the extensive
hydraulic, and hydrologic studies for reservoir operation that support
fast-paced Columbia River System EIS and Columbia River Treaty
negotiations. The position is open to both internal and external
candidates. The successful candidate will incorporate knowledge of
hydraulics, hydrology, reservoir operations, and flood risk analysis to
develop and work with computer models applicable to reservoir management
studies. The selectee will work across Corps offices within the Northwest
Division and with participating agencies to coordinate work products.
Joining a high-functioning, Division-spanning team with a wide range of
expertise, the person selected for this position should have a desire to
become an expert in Columbia Basin system operations, to expand modeling
and scripting skills, and to support and document studies to plan for
future Columbia Basin operations.

This a term/temporary position, not to exceed 4 years, and is convertible
to permanent status without competition at the end of the term. U.S.
Citizenship is required. The announcement is open from 06/13/2018 and will
close on 06/27/2018. For more information or to apply, please see the
links below:

1. (Open to All US Citizens) Vacancy Announcement Number
WTHF188459243277D: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/502298900

2. (Open to Status Candidates who meet a status eligibility listed on
Vacancy Announcement Number WTHF188459243273: https://www.usajobs.gov/

Travis D. Ball, PE, CFM
Hydraulic Engineer
USACE Seattle

June Schedule: I will be out of the office June 5, 26-29. Text cell at
503-871-9356 if urgent.

gmauger at uw.edu
(206) 685-0317
@CIG_UW <https://twitter.com/CIG_UW>
Guillaume <http://forvo.com/word/guillaume/> Mauger
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