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- latest news from the EarthGames Studio -
EarthGames in the news!
Check out this feature video from Grist.
We are prototyping a Climate Grand Strategy Game, Flourish (https://twitter.com/flourishgame) , in collaboration with Grist writer Eric Holthaus. Students from the spring quarter studio class developed the Creative Commons climate and sociology engines. Stay tuned for updates on Flourish, our most ambitious project yet!

We're proud to showcase three new games developed entirely by students from the Earthgames Studio

The Other World
In a world where climate change has spiraled out of control, you have been chosen to help restore the Earth. This awe-inspiring augmented reality app, created by Andrew McDonald from UW Bothell's Interactive Media and Design program, was inspired by his trip to Standing Rock.
In this climate-justice game, communicate with your guide Eliza, voiced by professional actor and Ph.D. candidate Monica Cortés Viharo, and journey to the other world to help its inhabitants live again. You'll explore the campus in order to solve different puzzles to achieve your goal. This app only works on the University of Washington Seattle Campus! Check out the news story from the UW College of the Environment (https://environment.uw.edu/news/2018/07/uw-students-new-augmented-reality-game-takes-players-to-uw-campus-under-altered-climate-scenarios/) .
Get it now on iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-other-world-ar-at-uw/id1386397992) and Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.EarthGames.TheOtherWorld&rdid=com.EarthGames.TheOtherWorld) .
Episode 1 now available!
Story by UW Oceanography doctoral candidate Elisa Bonnin, art by L. Isabel Bonnin
Cascadia is a text-based choose-your-own-adventure story set in a post-apocalyptic, post-climate change America. Retrace the route of the Oregon Trail as you travel westward in search of Cascadia, a mythical nation that claims to have enough food, water, and security for everyone. Along the way, befriend raiders, dodge cultists, fall in love, and try and keep your group from falling apart, but beware, you’re unlikely to reach the end of the story unscathed.

First time player? Complete a pre- and post- game survey here (https://goo.gl/forms/e5DlHAbwm7Lfu2lo2) and we'll enter you to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Your responses will be anonymous, and will inform Elisa’s climate capstone project and improve further iterations of the game.
Play Cascadia here! (http://www.philome.la/eabwrites/cascadia-episode-1)

Dark Side of the Earth

Ever wanted to float through space and watch the light of a new day dawn across planet Earth?

Start by experiencing a perfect 24 hours of equinox, when the Earth's tilt is aligned so that everywhere on the planet experiences exactly 12 hours of day and night. Or watch the solstice, when perpetual darkness bathes polar regions in one hemisphere, while the other experiences perpetual day. Zoom through time to watch the seasonal cycle of sunlight animate as the Earth orbits around the Sun.

Download now for iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dark-side-of-the-earth/id1321245503?mt=8)

Dark Side of the Earth was programmed and designed by
UW computer science student Alexey Beall.
new media and community partners

Philippe Cousteau, Jr. visited EarthGames last week to film a segment for his nationally syndicated television program Xploration Awesome Planet (http://www.xplorationstation.com/show/Xploration-Awesome-Planet) . He interviewed Rayan Krishnan from TESLA STEM High School and Dargan Frierson about Rayan’s fantastic game Operation Sustain (https://www.osustain.org/) and other EarthGames. The segment will air in the fall.
What we're working on next...

60 Second Sustainability — we’re building a game that highlights the incredible work of student environmental organizations on campus. Due to be released in September, 2018. This project is supported by the UW Campus Sustainability Fund.
We're reaching out to any and all registered student organizations whose mission includes sustainability, so if you know of a student group that's a good fit, let us know!

MosquitoNET (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mosquito-net/id1404050031?mt=8) is an app that gamifies data collection and citizen science for community health and empowerment. When the Zika outbreak hit her community in Brazil, scientist and educator Renee Codsi empowered her school to protect their health by identifying and removing mosquito breeding grounds to prevent the spread of Zika. Now, in collaboration with EarthGames (https://earthgames.org/mosquito/) , she is teaching educators throughout Brazil and Peru how to reduce the risk of mosquito-borne disease with the help of digital games.

Also check out UW undergraduate Nik Gaub's Slappy Bug (https://earthgames.org/mosquito/) , a game to raise awareness about mosquitos and public health.
Like what you see? Become an EarthGames Sponsor! (https://www.washington.edu/giving/make-a-gift/?page=make&code=EGSFND)
- all donations will directly support students working on summer projects -

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