[pccgrads] Presenter needed on Climate and Salmon- opportunity to help with "Salmon Docents" training (in October)

UW Program On Climate Change uwpcc at uw.edu
Mon Jul 16 13:54:16 PDT 2018

Hello PCC Grads!

Lots of lead time on this request for someone with expertise on impacts
that climate is having on our local salmon populations.

WSU extension trains docents to talk with the public, and Amy Brodbeck, who
is now the interim Water Stewardship Coordinator for WSU extension in
Kitsap county (remember when she was an avid SMEA grad student and did a
lot of PCC outreach?) is designing the docent experience this year.

*Climate change hasn’t been incorporated into this training in the past.
Are one or a team of two interested in taking this on?*

More details: The training consists of 2 full-day workshops (10/4 and
10/11) and a combination of lectures and hands-on field experiences. Amy
would like to have someone come speak

*October 11th, from 1:00-2:00pm* at the Clear Creek cabin in Silverdale
(alternatives are possible).

Participants in the training often join so that they can share information
about salmon with the public at the Salmon Tours event in November. These
docents can reach over 1000 people at this event, so these volunteers will
cast a wide net when sharing information about how climate change is having
tangible impacts on our local watersheds.

*Washington Sea Grant will help cover travel costs to Kitsap. *

*Please let me know if you are interested in doing this alone, or with a
partner. If you know someone in SAFS or Biology who has the expertise to
give this talk, please share this request with them. I can facilitate
connections. We could also discuss how this might be part of a GCeCS
capstone project.*

Thank you for all you do to share science. I'm pretty sure I'm only aware
of a small fraction of what you do.

Happy Summer,


UW Program on Climate Change

phone 206-543-6521 (same as in the past)

office: Ocean Teaching Building Room 361 (NEW LOCATION for PCC office)
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