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Tue Jan 30 12:12:00 PST 2018

*This week's Physical Oceanography seminar: *

Presenter: Alison Gray (UW)

Title: New insights into the carbon cycle and overturning circulation in
the Southern Ocean

*Wednesday 1/31, 12:30 PM, OSB 425*

Abstract: The Southern Ocean portion of the global meridional overturning
circulation has a critical impact on the climate system by regulating the
air‐sea balance of carbon dioxide (CO2) and shaping biological production
throughout the tropics and subtropics. However, observations of this region
have historically been limited in both space and time. Here we present
estimates of the seasonal cycle of air‐sea CO2 flux in the Southern Ocean
during 2014-2017, computed from measurements collected by new autonomous
biogeochemical profiling floats. Significant outgassing of CO2 from the
ocean to the atmosphere is observed in the subpolar region during
wintertime, resulting in a greater annual net flux than is found in
previous observational estimates and most global climate models. Potential
drivers of this surprisingly large outgassing signal are discussed, and
recent work investigating the upwelling of deep waters in the Southern
Ocean is used to highlight the role of the three-dimensional overturning
circulation. The implications of this finding for climate modeling and
for our understanding of the global carbon cycle are considered.
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