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2018, Boulder, Colorado
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Dear CESM Community,
With funding from National Science Foundation’s Office of Polar Programs
[NSF OPP], we are organizing a 1-week long CESM Polar Modeling Workshop
August 13-17, 2018 in Boulder, Colorado at the National Center for
Atmospheric Research Mesa Laboratory. Our website is here:

This tutorial will target ~15 early career (graduate student, postdoc, < 7
years since Ph.D.) polar scientists to attend. All workshop activities will
focus on the Community Earth System Model and high performance computing
supported by the National Science Foundation [NSF] at the NCAR-Wyoming
Supercomputing Center [NWSC]. CESM Polar Modeling Workshop participants
will gain hands-on experience planning, designing, executing, and analyzing
earth system modeling experiments using high-performance supercomputing.
Participants will engage in advanced activities focused specifically on
capacity building for using CESM in polar research (e.g., sea ice, land
ice, atmosphere, ocean, land, paleoclimate). The CESM Polar Modeling
Workshop will follow directly from the Annual CESM Tutorial held August
6-10, 2018. Prospective participants who have not attended the CESM
Tutorial should apply for both the CESM Tutorial and the CESM Polar
Modeling workshop. Prospective participants who have previously attended
the CESM Tutorial (or have equivalent experience) should apply for just the
CESM Polar Modeling Workshop.

All participant expenses will be paid by the organizers (including travel
to and local expenses in Boulder, Colorado).

For the application process - We request the following three [3] documents
be e-mailed to me (Professor Jennifer Kay Jennifer.E.Kay at colorado.edu) by
*March 9, 2018*: [1] CV listing research experience, programming
experience, research presentations, and peer-reviewed publications, [2]
Recommendation letter from a faculty member or research scientist at a US
institution, [3] 1-page cover letter indicating why you would like to
attend the CESM Polar Modeling Workshop. Topics to incorporate into the
cover letter include your research interests, what skills and topics you
would find most beneficial at the tutorial, and the influence that
attending such a tutorial might have on your scientific capacity both today
and over the next 5-10 years
*Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions!*

Best from the Local Organizing Committee (listed below),

Jennifer Kay [Jennifer.E.Kay at colorado.edu] <Jennifer.E.Kay at colorado.edu>,
University of Colorado - Boulder
Marika Holland [mholland at ucar.edu] <mholland at ucar.edu>, National Center for
Atmospheric Research
David Bailey [dbailey at ucar.edu] <dbailey at ucar.edu>, National Center for
Atmospheric Research
Alice DuVivier [duvivier at ucar.edu] <duvivier at ucar.edu>, National Center for
Atmospheric Research

Jennifer E. Kay
Assistant Professor, ATOC/CIRES
University of Colorado at

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